About Us

Who we are:
KewMann is a data and behavioral science company that acquires, analyzes and applies data to predict and influence human behaviors.
In an increasingly digitalized world, KewMann believes that organizations must fully leverage all data to gain deeper insights to customers and employees so as to deliver products or services that are effective to achieve organizational goals and gain the ability to influence the desired outcome. KewMann provides complete products and solutions from predict to influence using multiple disciplines from behavioral science, machine learning to artificial intelligence. 
What we do:
We offer big data, machine learning and influencing solutions that combines enterprise class products with advisory and implementation services.
We partner with leading organizations to offer enterprise grade products in big data and machine learning like web, files and social media data extraction, unstructured text enrichment, semantic and sentiment analytics, big data discovery, predictive and prescriptive analytics. In the process, we help organizations to harness new data sets that they were not able to leverage on previously.
We make our own proprietary influence platform that emphasizes on concepts which we believe are critical for success; an holistic approach to motivation, a pervasive system that captures all behavioral data and a technology platform which allows rapid deployment in a secured environment.
We combine both predict and influence together in a predict-influence loop which is a continuous fine-tuning approach of acquiring better data to perform better predictions and targeted influences.
Our products and solutions help our customers to predict and influence human behavior towards achieving organizational goals for top line and bottom line success. It is this completeness in vision and directly measurable success that makes us truly unique with our customers.

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