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 We understand you face intense time pressure to achieve your company’s goals. Our products have been designed to help you achieve your goals in the shortest time and smallest investments possible.
Kewmann People Insights (KPI)

Integrated Advanced Analytics Solution which allows fast deployment in existing enterprise environments



Kewmann Early Warning Indicators (EWI)

Acquire and apply data rapidly in a comprehensive ontological approach



Market & Competition Intelligence (MCI)

Obtain a comprehensive  and updated view of your market and competition automatically



KewMann Influence Platform (KIP)

Design and track specific behaviors in your stakeholders to drive corporate goals



KewMann Sales Optimizer (KSO)

Dedicated solution to drive sales excellence and revenue growth with behavior design techniques 



Kewmann People Insights

Our integrated Advanced Analytics helps to reduce investments by allowing rapid ingestion of data to derive timely insights to questions related to customers and sales force. This can be done at speed and scale to quickly obtain insights for the entire organization. Obtaining up-to-date customer or sales force activity data is fundamental to this product to derive behavioral insights and better understand intent, which can then be used to predict the best course of action to influence future behavior    

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Kewmann Early Warning Indicators

Our Early Warning System helps to rapidly acquire, process and integrate both internal and external data sources to form early warning indicators tailored to your business requirements. This system uses our proprietary process, framework and models to develop a comprehensive ontological approach to identify risks and threats in advance. Machine learning can be deployed to enhance the accuracy of indicators over time

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Market and Competitive Intelligence

Our Market and Competitive Intelligence System helps to rapidly acquire, process and integrate both internal and external data sources to build a comprehensive view of the market landscape and competitors’ products. This extensive view of the business environment is developed using our proprietary process, framework and models and includes the benchmarking of products using various product attractiveness models. Machine learning can be deployed to increase the correlation between product offerings and market demands

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KewMann Influence Platform

Our proprietary behavior design solution is deployed in the cloud and offers software as a service (SaaS) for our customers to plan behavior design programs that will influence decisions and outcomes to achieve business goals. Key functions of this platform include the ability to configure different paths for different users to fine-tune behavior and a system of personalized prompts to drive behavior


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KewMann Sales Optimizer

Our specially configured Sales Behavior Design Module taps into the power of the KewMann Influence Platform to drive sales activities. Positioned as the Digital Adviser to your sales force, KewMann Sales Optimizer helps to supercharge your sales force by providing motivation to drive sales, practical advice on how to improve sales targets and instantaneous feedback to promote positive behavior. Combine this with KewMann People Insights to provide contextual advice to help your sales force win more customers, such as Talking Points, recommended actions or preferred mode of communication

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