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Our Project Stories

We have collected some interesting stories over the years. Read on to find out how we helped our customers!
The Government Story For Risk Management

The Government Agency is chartered to identify various threats and vulnerabilities in order to safeguard the country’s interest. In order to fulfill its goals, the agency has to periodically review thousands of articles and data sources in order to uncover threats.

KewMann designed a solution which leveraged on leading technologies to automate the process of acquiring, processing and transforming data to a format ready for further analytics. Due to the sensitive nature of the project, extensive training was provided to the users to empower them and set the foundation proper for future works. It is estimated that 100x more data sources could be tracked and monitored while the lead time has improved by 30X!


Solution: Risk Management

Capabilities: Data Acquisition and Robotic Process Automation

The Insurance Company Story for Revenue Growth

The Insurance Company is a leading insurer for Life, Health and General Insurance. In an effort to grow revenue, it chose to partner with KewMann to optimize its Life Insurance Business by identifying customers most likely to purchase within the project time period and optimizing the allocation of leads to the most suitable sales person.

KewMann designed a solution which leveraged on Big Data Discovery to quickly gain insights on the different data sets existing in the internal systems. The insights gained is then applied in Machine Learning to develop a Propensity-to-Buy model and also to optimize the sales lead allocations to the sales staff. Finally to drive activities, the entire sales lead process was redesigned using leading behavior design techniques to encourage sales activities. This new approach helped to improve appointment conversion rates to 30% and improved sales conversion by 3x!


Solution: Revenue Growth

Capabilities: Big Data Discovery, Machine Learning and Behavior Design

Products: KewMann People Insights (KPI) and KewMann Sales Optimizer (KSO)

The Luxury Hotel Group Story for Revenue Growth

The luxury hotel group has consistently posted stellar revenues over the years but lately due to increasing competition and poorer economic conditions, faces sharply reduced revenues. Increasing food and beverage sales was seen a strategy to improve revenues and so there was a critical need to align behavior and intent across the entire food and beverage division.

KewMann designed a unique solution which digitize training modules and combined it with hands on learning in order to drive sales behavior. Applying the solution to the selected food and beverage division, it was identified that the solution increased revenues by 3X in 4 weeks! Discussions are now on the way to implement the solution across the group.


Solution: Revenue Growth

Capability: Behavior Design

Product: KewMann Influence Platform (KIP)

The Telecommunications Story for Revenue Growth

In order to better differentiate its services in the market, the telecommunications company decided to embark on a new revenue growth strategy of “Sales through Services” which uses excellent services to perform up-selling and/or cross selling activities. In order to better align staff expectations and behavior, the management would like to drive sales behavior across its retail outlets to focus on solution selling.

KewMann designed a solution using behavior design techniques to drive sales behavior. In particular, a team-based approach was proposed and teams were specifically chosen to partner the “more experienced” sales people with the “less experienced” ones in order to use natural competitive nature of teams to drive sales. 2X more sales were recorded and 2X more staff received the highest service rating for the project duration.


Solution: Revenue Growth

Capabilities: Behavior Design

Product: KewMann Sales Optimizer (KSO)

The Conglomerate Story for Cost Optimization

The leading global conglomerate has a shared service office which provides support for all of it managers (Approximately 2,000). One of the activities is to reconcile all the managers expenses incurred on behalf of the business using corporate credit cards with every vendor. The previous process had many manual processes which had frequent errors and a long lead time for financial reconciliation.

KewMann designed a solution which helped to automate the data acquisition across multiple vendor portals, transform the data according to various required formats and help to do an initial check on the accuracy of data between the vendors and the bank report on the corporate credit cards. Lead time has since improved by 4X as monthly reconciliation can now become weekly while 300% of headcount could be re-prioritized towards higher valued activities. Discussions are on-going to further review and apply robotic process automation on 100+ processes across the shared service office.


Solution: Cost Optimization

Capabilities: Data Acquisition and Robotic Process Automation

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