Prevent fraudulent losses and damages with our AI-Powered fraud detection system that has extremely low false alarm and real-time detection, even for sudden or unexpected change of fraud patterns and behaviours

War on Fraud โ€“ Leave No Gaps for Frauds


Anti-money Laundering

Transactional Fraud

Operational Risk

Market Conduct Compliance

Insurance Claims

Above 95%

Fraud detection accuracy in real time

Enable immediate action for real fraud cases

> 50% โ†“

Reduce investigation effort on false alarm

Enhance operational efficiency

> 90% โ†‘

Improve efficiency for the entire fraud elimination/ prevention process

From weeks to hours

Uncover existing and detect new fraud patterns

Fraudsters will never stop looking for new ways to carry out frauds for personal gain, but KewDetect will never stop detecting the new frauds patterns and behaviours with innovative Artificial Intelligence approach that โ€œleave no stone unturnedโ€ to ensure all-time accurate fraud detection.

Enhance Time & Cost Efficiency with Automated Fraud Detection that Reduce False Alarms

Eliminate additional time and resources for manual investigation on potential frauds which could be false alarms produced by a traditional system or human error from manual random checking that leave many gaps for frauds to be undetected.

Enable Immediate Action to Be Taken to Minimise Fraudulent Losses or Damages Caused

Streamline all the analysis involved and combining the typical internal data with alternative data to accurately detect suspicious behaviour which allow organisations to act immediately before the fraud causes any significant losses.

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