KewMann Artificial Intelligence (KAI)

KewMann Artificial Intelligence platform (KAI) is an automated big data and fast data platform that provides end to end AI-based big data analytics components from data acquisition to predictive analysis which allows user to improve prediction accuracy and gain new insights in near real-time manner.

↓ 30% - 70% and above

Reduction in false alarms

Optimise Accuracy

↑ 25% - 40% and above

Improvements in investigation efficiency

Optimise Efficiency

Understand Your Data

✔ Integrated automated tools to acquire data
✔ One-stop platform that prepare, process, analyse and model data in single system
✔ From visualisations to prescriptive applications

Features & Benefits

AI-powered data acquisition

Provide a more holistic view of your data by acquiring public external data which include structured data and unstructured data to enhance the analytics results.

Big Data Analytics

Mash-up relevant data sources or datasets to uncover trends and patterns with visualisation by applying advanced methods in knowledge graph and natural language processing.

Automated Platform,
Nearly Real-time Insights

Tools to streamline data preparation, data processing and data analysis that allow users to gain new insights and opportunity in near real-time manner while reducing efforts and time for traditional methods of data cleansing and analysing.

Cognitive Engine

Using advanced machine learning approach to incorporate relevant data into the models.