KewMann Influence Platform (KIP)

KewMann Influence Platform (KIP) is a first of its kind influential platform that provides robust capabilities which allows organisations to implement behavioural targeting to drive desired behaviours and actions for the target audiences and ultimately achieve measurable success.

Monetise the Micro-Moment by Influencing the Right Target

✔ Enriching data while engaging audience through omnichannel
✔ Robust capabilities for configurability, security, flexibility and accountability
✔ Leveraging gamification and behavioural science to drive behaviours

Features & Benefits

Effective Influencing with Behavioural Design Framework

A comprehensive behavioural design framework that design based on important behavioural science theories which includes Fogg’s Behaviour Model, Flow Theory, and Self-Determination Theory to enhance influence effectiveness.

Drive Behaviours and Actions with Data-driven Engagements

Generate data-driven engagement which includes nudging, recommending, and rewarding based on the demographic and behavioural data to drive desired behaviours and actions.

Proven Ability to Influence Typical Target Audiences: Both Consumers and Sales People

Covers entire consumer lifecycle from acquisition, activation, acceleration and “awake” to effectively influence behavioural changes while using predicted insights to help sales people in their daily sales activities and drive their behaviours to increase overall sales performance.

Configurable Gamification to Drive Behaviours

Provide flexibility for the users to configure the gamification mechanics in order to achieve great user experience while implementing immediate feedback loop to provides timely reinforcement on behaviours.