Minimise credit risk while optimising revenue with our highly accurate credit risk scoring product that enables real time & efficient credit approval decision-making with risk-based pricing recommendations

Distinguish Clearly Between The Good, The Bad, & The “Middle”

Enhance Credit Approval Process with Accurate Customer Risk Rating

Hybrid adaptive models that are proven to be significantly accurate than the traditional scoring models. The users can approve low-risk customers and reject the high-risk customers immediately to improve operational efficiency while making accurate credit approval decision to minimise non-performing loans.

Increase Revenue with Discriminated Pricing Recommendations for Middle Risk Tier Customers

Provides the recommendations of discriminated pricing strategy for medium risk customers with different loan tenure, loan amount and interest rates to optimise revenue. This way, you will not lose potential customers due to less confidence on their creditworthiness.

Improve Accuracy and Gain Deeper Understanding about Your Customers with Alternative Data

Enhance credit scoring results with our AI-powered Data Acquisition, it allows you to leverage on publicly available external data (I.e. Digital footprints) and other additional data points, transforming them into digital footprint scores.