Product Planning & Development

Market & Competitive Intelligence

Gain highly accurate consumer and product insights about regulators, industry players and competitors by automating data acquisition and data processing for market penetration

Behavioural Insights

Enable behavioural strategies that motivate target audiences to drive certain action and make better product planning and development decision with real-time data acquisition, market sentiment analytics and behavioural segmentation

Marketing & Sales

Customer Acquisition


Gain real-time insights about customers with AI-powered data acquisition and big data analytics to identify target segments and apply right offers to convert

Customer Churn Prevention


Enable immediate actions to prevent customer churn by deriving possible churn parameters with available data

Customer Loyalty


Increase customer retention and enhance customer loyalty by applying the action of nudge, recommend, or reward with personalised messaging at the right time that enhance customer experience

Revenue Optimisation


Optimise sales and marketing performance to achieve desired outcomes with behavioural targeting and gamification that increase efficient engagements and enhance influential power to drive actions

Omni-channel Behavioural Targeting

Automate sales and customer service engagement with personalised customer experience

Risk Management

Early Warning of Risk

Enhance risk detection using predictive models by leveraging internal and external data to receive an early warning before any targeted events (mis selling, cyber threats, fraud etc)

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Identify credible cyber threats through the application of natural language processing extensive data sets

Debt Collection Risk Assessment


Reduce default risk while increasing operational efficiency with accurate customer’s credit risk assessment for efficient debt approval and better debt collection decision

Credit Risk Minimisation


Enables real time & efficient credit approval decision-making with risk-based pricing recommendations

Compliance & Fraud Detection


Prevent fraudulent losses and damages to reduce false alarm and achieve real-time detection


Process Automation & Optimisation

Eliminate manual process and acquire all relevant internal and external data with AI-powered data acquisition to increase operational efficiency

Workforce Optimisation

Optimise workforce performance by predicting and forecasting workforce deployment and reward allocation based on resource constraints and outcomes optimisation

AI-powered Debt Mediation


Reduce turnaround for mediation confirmation by providing mediation recommendations and allow on screen mediation agreement

Automated Replenishment

Minimise waste and foregone opportunities by forecasting Just-In-Time stock demand

Route Optimisation

Optimise route for sales and upcoming deliveries by taking constraint into account

AI-Driven Internal Audit

Identify gaps or risks in nearly real time from internal audit operation to minimise errors and omissions that could lead to financial loss or reputational damages

Digital Merchant Audit


Eliminates errors from humans & increase security by automating merchants detection & flag out unorganised merchant with merchant audit system leveraging infused AI Scoring system

Defect Detection

Enhance manufacturing efficiency and reduce cycle times by detecting and identifying different types of abnormalities in nearly real time which increase production volume while ensuring great product quality

Compliance & Fraud Monitoring


Reduce manual investigation time and fraud risk for risky customers especially for the medium risk level with real-time accurate fraud risk assessment

Data Governance

Ensure trustable process and outcomes through data governance, by applying optimum data quality, security and metadata management using industry best practices

Customer Services

Student Life-cycle Management

Maximising completion rate and enable early intervention with AI and data-powered enhanced student life-cycle management

Human-like Conversational Platform


Ensure delighted customer experience and satisfaction with automated conversations that provides personalised experiences and multi-lingual support

Personalised Debt Collection Outreach


Increase response rate of debt collection outreach with personalised messaging that able to enhance debt clearance

Single Customer View

Complete contextual understanding of customer by enabling the ability to merge and deduplicate different online and offline data sources that contain customer data, to present single customer view using state-of-the-art identity resolution methods

Single Citizen View

Complete contextual understanding of citizen by enabling the ability to merge and deduplicate different online and offline data sources that contain citizen data, to present single citizen view using state-of-the-art identity resolution methods

KewEngage for Government


Enable intimate understanding of citizen’s context and provide personalized and effective engagements through omnichannel to achieve Citizen Happiness

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